Statement - 10th May 2023

Update on Youths:

After careful consideration on players eligibility to play in Youths' tournaments. Matters will always arise as players become ineligible due to age or year of birth as they get older when an international competition is held.

The WDF criteria clearly states; All Players must be under the age of 18 on December 31 to compete in any WDF Ranked Youth tournaments in the next WDF season, (January 1 to December 31), and any major tournament associated to that season.

WDF has given full autonomy to each NGB to adopt their own interpretations after INDO consultation.

The INDO feels in matters of fairness and the development of the Youths' game that if players that are ineligible to qualify are allowed to enter this would damage the game.

The INDO wont allow any player that can’t qualify for the lrish team in 2024 to enter any INDO Youths ranking tournament (bar Killarney events). The reason for this as you're taking points off players that are eligible to qualify which could affect their positioning at the end of the year.

This comes into place immediately and for the 1st ranking of 2023/24' this weekend.