INDO Players Commission

The purpose of the INDO Players Commission is to provide a channel of communication whereby active players will have a formal role in decision-making processes within the INDO.

Responsibilities of the Commission

The responsibilities of the INDO Players’ Commission are:

  • Offer assistance and advice to the INDO committee on matters which are relevant to players within the structure of the INDO.

  • Submit reports and recommendations to the INDO Committee on matters of relevance to players.

  • Present the point of view of the players to the INDO Committee on anti-doping issues and matters concerning the health of players.


  • The Players Commission shall consist of a maximum of five members.

  • The Chairperson shall be chosen by the elected members themselves.

  • There must be at least two male and one female active players elected at each election. 

  • The period of office for members of the Players Commission shall be two years.

  • The Commission shall be responsible for setting up each meeting and for inviting players to attend.

  • The Players Commission shall hold at least one formal meeting each year. This may be done at INDO tournaments if required.

  • The Players Commission shall send two players to the INDO Annual General Meeting with having one vote at the AGM.