Transfer Policy

Players may wish to leave their current County Darts organisation, in order to join up with a different one. This may be due to a number of reasons. The Irish National Darts Organisation acknowledges this and feels players should be able to do so with the minimum of fuss and disruption for all parties involved.

Below is outlined the process and rules governing an individual who wishes to transfer from one County to another:

1. A registered player may apply to be transferred to another County if one or more of the following

stipulations are met:

(i) They are moving to a new house into the desired destination County

(ii) The County they currently reside in is no longer an affiliated member of the Irish National Darts Organisation

(iii) They were born in the desired Destination County.

2. In all instances, a full explanation outlining the reason for the desired transfer must be given on the transfer form.

3. The transferee must be WDF compliant.

4. The transferee must have International clearance.

5. In each instance the individual must firstly approach the County secretary of their existing County Board and request a transfer, detailing the reason why from one of the above stipulations outlined in (1.0)

6. It is then the responsibility of the County Secretary(s) to complete the INDO Transfer form in full, gathering

relevant signatures, and documentation set out below:

(i) If moving to a new house, the County Secretary must be provided with a copy of an old utility bill or proof of address to reflect their standing in their existing County, as well as provide a proof of address for their new place of residence, reflecting their desired transfer destination. (no more than 3 months old) The individual player and County secretary of both current and destination Counties must sign on these proofs of address. These proofs of address must then be attached to the transfer form and submitted to the INDO Registrar at least a week (7 days) before the next planned Transfer Meeting

(ii) If the transfer is due to a County no longer being affiliated with the Irish National Darts Organisation, then the individual player may request a transfer form from the INDO Registrar, or simply print it from the INDO website. Once completed, the form can be returned to the INDO Registrar by the Secretary of the Destination County, at least a week (7 days) before the next planned Transfer Meeting.

(iii) If a transfer is requested on the criteria of having been born in that county, then the applicant must obtain a transfer form from their existing County Secretary. The player must produce proof of being born in their destination county, for example a birth certificate, and the transfer form completed. The player then needs the County secretary of their destination county to sign the transfer form, and return all documentation to the INDO Registrar, at least a week (7 days) before the next planned Transfer Meeting.

7. All transfer requests will be considered on their own merits and without prejudice in a timely and fair manner.

(i) A transfer application is only active once approved by the INDO Registrar

(ii) All successful applications will be confirmed via email to the destination County Secretary, and made public to others.

(iii) Individuals will be informed of unsuccessful applications, with reasons as to the rejection.

(iv) All successful applications become active for the next Inter Counties Tournament.

8. In the case of a youth player whose “home county” have no representative youth team: Such youth players may play for a neighboring County Youth team but must switch back to their “home county” without sanction, if that County enters a Youth team into a subsequent Inter Counties Youth Championship. A Youth not wishing to switch back to his / her “home county” must complete a transfer.

(i) When a youth turns 18, in order to play for a county (other than the home county) they must transfer.

9. A returnable fee of €30 (thirty) is required for all applications, to be sent in along with documentation. Transfer fees do not apply to Youth transfers.

10. All granted transfer applications stand for a minimum of three (3) years. Please consider this point before submitting completed applications.

11. All procedures detailed within this policy are available to be amended as affiliated members see fit, by following the usual procedures for submission at an Irish National Darts Organisation Annual General Meeting.

12. Any applications found to be untrue, contain falsified information, or prove to be dishonest, may bring the individual and the relevant County boards under further investigation. This may be followed by sanctions applied as deemed relevant by the Irish National Darts Organisation.

13. Any person found to have played for another County without the process of transfer being followed may be held accountable, along with the County board sanctioning this action.

14. Non-playing persons such as committee members and team managers will also be subject to this policy in full.

15. Committee determine all transfers. Transfers will be read out at the AGM for delegates to hear.

(i) Transfer deadline fixed 3rd Friday of January yearly.