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Killarney Darts Festival



1.        Players to report to the Control Desk during the Registration times to collect their Games Cards. Failure to report on time will result in your ELIMINATION from the tournament. No Exceptions.


2.        The competition clock will be on display and this is the time that must be adhered to at ALL TIMES. 


3.        1st Round games will have Markers picked randomly and will be notified during Registration times of who is picked. Failure to Mark this game will result in your ELIMINATION from the tournament.  No Exceptions.


4.        Winners must return with their card to the Control Desk.


5.        Losers MUST stay and mark the next game. Failure to Mark this game will result with a fine been issued to you. No Exceptions.


6.        So, it is YOUR responsibility to arrive on time.


7.        Players will throw for the bull to decide who starts the first leg. The player who is first on the match sheet will throw for the bull first. The winner of the bull will start every odd numbered leg. 


8.        When a player doesn’t show up at the prize ceremony, he or she loses the right to receive a trophy and/or prize-money.


9.        Dress code in operation while playing & marking games.


10.    No Drinking while playing or marking. All drinks behind the barriers except only water. If a player caught breaking this rule, then result is game forfeit.


11.    No head gear shall be worn unless for religious/medical reasons.


12.    No headphones shall be worn during the play of matches.


13.    No E-Cigarette’s shall be used by players while at the Oche.


14.    Tournament will be played under the BDO playing rules BDO Playing Rules. 


15.    The I.N.D.O. reserves the right to change and alter any rule at any time if they see fit to do so.


Sorry for the inconvenience.

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